Professional Games

Professional Games

Professional Sports Flooring Solutions from CGT

Citygreen Turf (CGT) is a leading artificial turf & interlock floor manufacturer for sports center flooring projects, offering a wide range of customized sports flooring solutions for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our elite sports flooring factory specializes in producing durable, safe, and high-performance interlocking floor tiles designed to meet the unique needs of various sports disciplines.


Our indoor sports flooring tiles and outdoor athletic court tiles are engineered to provide optimal traction, shock absorption, and anti-dizziness flooring properties, ensuring a safe and comfortable playing experience for athletes at all levels. As a reliable and professional modular flooring supplier in China, CGT offers a diverse range of CE certified flooring products, including:


  • Basketball court synthetic flooring and basketball court tiles
  • Padel sports court tiles and padbol court tiles
  • Multi-purpose sports court tiles for versatile use
  • Dedicated gym flooring and artificial grass for gym sports flooring


Being an elite game court flooring supplier, CGT collaborates with architects, contractors, and facility managers to deliver top-quality flooring for construction projects and sports center court flooring. Our experienced team works closely with clients to develop customized sports flooring solutions that meet their specific requirements, ensuring the best possible outcome for each project.


With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Citygreen Turf is your trusted partner for professional sports flooring solutions. Whether you are building a new sports facility or renovating an existing one, CGT's interlocking floor products provide the durability, performance, and aesthetics needed to create world-class sports venues.