Padel Court Artificial Turf - Texturized Monofilament for Extra Durability

Citygreen Turf (CGT) is a leading China turf brand and one-stop solution artificial grass provider for padel courts. Our padel court artificial turf is the preferred padel turf product line, offering a professional sports experience with high-density, UV-resistant turf. As a trusted padel turf supplier in China, CGT provides a wide range of customizable turf colors to enhance visual appeal and assist in court zoning.


Why Choose Texturized Monofilament Artificial Grass?


Shape and texture

Although spine monofilament self-standing turf is smooth, with straight blades that stand upright, offering a more grass-like appearance, it doesn't hold infill as well. 


However, texturized monofilament fibers have a crimped or curled shape and a textured surface. The texturized surface structure better encapsulates the infill and provides a more stable, uniform surface, enhancing resilience against intensive play and foot traffic on the padel court artificial turf.


Performance characteristics

Texturized monofilament turf comes with high tuft lock capacity and is firmly anchored into the backing, preventing yarn slippage and maintaining excellent tuft lock for consistent ball bounce and player footing. That means it provides a faster, more consistent ball bounce and roll due to the stable infill. It's popular for sports like padel tennis. In contrast, spine monofilament self-standing artificial grass has a slower ball pace because more infill is exposed.



Texturized monofilament requires less maintenance to redistribute infill since the curled fibers keep the infill in place. While the straight monofilament needs more regular brushing to maintain its infill level, as it can shift and cause inconsistent ball behavior.


So, in summary, the key differences are the shape and texture of the individual fibers, how they interact with the infill, the resulting performance characteristics like ball speed, and the level of maintenance required. The best choice depends on the specific application and priorities.



As an experienced padel court artificial turf manufacturer in China, CGT offers a top-quality tennis court surface supply that incorporates texturized monofilament technology to deliver a premium padel sports turf solution. The high-quality high tuft lock sports grass allows for all-weather playability while minimizing maintenance requirements compared to traditional tennis court surfaces.


Trust Citygreen Turf's expertise to offer cutting-edge, durable tennis court artificial grass products for your padel facility. Contact us today to discuss your custom padel court needs!